Power Dividers / Combiners
2-Way Power Dividers/Combiners: Stripline

2-way power dividers in narrowband and broadband configurations, covering frequencies from 225 MHz to 70 GHz. They are designed to handle from 10 to 30 watts input power in a 50-ohm transmission system. Microstrip or stripline designs are utilized, and optimized for best performance.

Units come standard with SMA or N female connectors, or 2.92mm, 2.40mm, and 1.85mm connectors for high frequency components.

Frequency Range: 0.225 GHz to 70 GHz

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2-Way Power Dividers: Lumped Element

Power dividers from 4 kHz to 3 GHz are available in connectorized packages with SMA-female connectors, standard. This series is designed to handle 1 watt input power. They are designed for use in 50-ohm systems, and cover frequencies for VHF, UHF, Cell and PCS applications.

Frequency Range: 0.004 Hz to 3 Hz

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2-Way Power Dividers/Combiners: Resistive

Resistive dividers from DC to 18 GHz. They have a rated input power of one half watt maximum. VSWR of 1.5:1 or better maintained throughout band at all ports. Resistive dividers can be fitted with SMA male or female connectors and are available in three outline packages.

Frequency Range: DC-18 GHz

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2-Way High Power Combiners: 0 Degree

High power combiners from 100 to 500 watts operate within frequency ranges from 1 MHz to 2.2 GHz. They interface to 50-ohm systems and fulfill high power combining requirements for VHF, UHF, Cellular and PCS applications. These combiners can combine non-coherent signals unconditionally. These units come standard with N female connectors and can be fitted with SMA upon request.

Frequency Range:1.0-2.2 GHz to 500 watts

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